Types of Consumers

Types Of consumers

Understanding your consumer is vital for the potential growth and well-being of your organization. Consumers are different from each other as human behaviors and perspectives vary, giving them different characteristics and different ways to satisfy their needs and wants. So if you’re a marketer or just an individual curious for knowledge, here are some of the types of consumers prevalent in the market.

Spontaneous Consumers

Spontaneous or impulsive consumers refer to a particular type of consumers who tend to buy products or services based on instinct and not a specific motive. These consumers get instantly attached to stuff the moment it captures their level of satisfaction. It is a hard task to influence these customers as they make up their minds in a matter of seconds. If they feel your product is not worth it, then they will never buy it nor consider it.

Need-Based Consumers

Need Based Consumer

Consumers who travel and shop based on their needs are the most common type of consumers you will come across. These consumers try their level best to satisfy a particular need and only that need. They make purchases based on these needs, so that product should be able to fulfill that need. These consumers don’t believe in instincts instead focus all their energy and attention on the arising need. The suitable way to advertise for these consumers is to anticipate a consumer’s needs or to influence them by building a need in them. These advertisements typically focus on promoting that need, thereby suggesting ways to satisfy it.

Discount Consumers

These consumers function and progress in the same manner as their name suggests. The only reason these consumers are present in the market is that they need discounts for products and services. These consumers are not profoundly affected by quality, brand, etc., instead, the price pitched against the percentage of discount is what they consider. If your product can satisfy their need for cuts, then you can be assured that they will purchase it.


Loyal Consumers

Such consumers are probably hard to find, but once found are great to keep. Loyal consumers are those consumers who believe in a particular product, and only that product will be able to satisfy their need. Such consumers always ensure that they purchase products belonging to a specific brand which lies as their trusted brands. These consumers make purchases to these products without considering the competitor’s products, their quality, price, etc., Companies and organizations never fail to recognize their loyal consumers at any point in business, as they will always make suitable arrangements to make their decision of purchasing their products a temporary one. There is no advertisement in particular for these consumers, but companies still value their support through any means necessary.