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Current Problems in Consumer Behaviour 

Consumer Problems

The issues related to consumer behaviour today are deeply connected to the technological age that we live in. As a result of rapid changes in technology, consumers are constantly bombarded with information from different sources about new and existing products in the market. They are spoilt for choice, as there plenty of options to choose from with regard to any product. However, as with any era, there are a range of problems regarding consumer behaviour that sellers have to tackle.

The first challenge concerning consumer behaviour is thus related to the flood of information that a consumer receives on a daily basis. It is important for sellers to somehow get past extremely large amounts of information to convey their message to a potential customer. Thus, there is a need to study individual consumer behaviour in order to make sure that the right kind of tactics are used to market the product to consumers in a way that they bring in sales.

Personalization is another challenge that the market is facing today. Each consumer wants the product that they use to be unique and to fulfill certain unique needs. Sellers thus need to be attentive to these needs to design their product in a way that it appeals to a large population but in a personally specific way. Consumers today value the connections that they hold with their materialistic possessions, and thus its essential for the product to establish a relationship with the consumer which can only be done through effective marketing.



Another challenge concerning this field is the level of saturation potential consumers are at today. Sellers are having to come up with innovative and persuasive tactics each day to sell their products since most consumers have seen their share of marketing strategies and are now unfazed by them. The message conveyed by the brand has to strike a chord with potential consumers, and at the same time, be rational and logical enough to convince the consumer to buy the product. It is imperative for sellers to now use as many mediums of publicity as possible, including but not limited to social media.


Lastly, an emerging issue within the realm of consumer behaviour is that of sustainable consumption. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of their purchases on the environment, and are actively seeking out sustainable products for use. However, the lack of sustainable options leaves consumers with no choice but to turn to products that they know are harming the environment, but they are helpless owing to a lack of choice. This leaves them in a state of dissonance psychologically, directly affecting their satisfaction with the products they currently use.