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Types of Consumers

Understanding your consumer is vital for the potential growth and well-being of your organization. Consumers are different from each other as human behaviors and perspectives vary, giving them different characteristics and different ways to satisfy their needs and wants. So if you’re a marketer or just an individual curious for knowledge, here are some of the types of consumers prevalent in the market.

Spontaneous Consumers

Spontaneous or impulsive consumers refer to a particular type of consumers who tend to buy products or services based on instinct and not a specific motive. These consumers get instantly attached to stuff the moment it captures their level of satisfaction. It is a hard task to influence these customers as they make up their minds in a matter of seconds. If they feel your product is not worth it, then they will never buy it nor consider it.

Need-Based Consumers

Need Based Consumer

Consumers who travel and shop based on their needs are the most common type of consumers you will come across. These consumers try their level best to satisfy a particular need and only that need. They make purchases based on these needs, so that product should be able to fulfill that need. These consumers don’t believe in instincts instead focus all their energy and attention on the arising need. The suitable way to advertise for these consumers is to anticipate a consumer’s needs or to influence them by building a need in them. These advertisements typically focus on promoting that need, thereby suggesting ways to satisfy it.

Discount Consumers

These consumers function and progress in the same manner as their name suggests. The only reason these consumers are present in the market is that they need discounts for products and services. These consumers are not profoundly affected by quality, brand, etc., instead, the price pitched against the percentage of discount is what they consider. If your product can satisfy their need for cuts, then you can be assured that they will purchase it.


Loyal Consumers

Such consumers are probably hard to find, but once found are great to keep. Loyal consumers are those consumers who believe in a particular product, and only that product will be able to satisfy their need. Such consumers always ensure that they purchase products belonging to a specific brand which lies as their trusted brands. These consumers make purchases to these products without considering the competitor’s products, their quality, price, etc., Companies and organizations never fail to recognize their loyal consumers at any point in business, as they will always make suitable arrangements to make their decision of purchasing their products a temporary one. There is no advertisement in particular for these consumers, but companies still value their support through any means necessary.

Consumer protection Act

The Consumer Protection Act, 1986, or (COPRA) was introduced by the Parliament of India in 1986 to protect consumer interests in India. The Act is applicable everywhere in India except in Jammu Kashmir. All goods and services with are purchased under any and all of the sectors fall under its purview. The major aim of this act is protect the Indian consumer from exploitation or unfair trade practices. This enactment increased the emphasis on consumer empowerment and changed the way in which businesses approached consumer complaints. As a result of COPRA, several consumer forums and courts were set up all across the country.


The act has supported the establishment of agencies such as the District Consumer Disputes Redressal Forum (DCDRF), State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (SCDRC), and the National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission (NCDRC). This is a hierarchical structure within with consumer disputes are dealt with. The DCDRF is established by the state government in each district in the state. There is a provision for establishing more than one District Forum in a district. This court is tasked with handling cases that value up to Rs. 2 million (US$29,000). The SCDRC is established within the state, and is responsible for dealing with cases that value less than Rs. 10 Million (US$140,000). The NCDRC is an establishment by the central government that handles cases which are worth more than 10 million.

It is worth noting that the act covers the public, private, and the cooperative sector. The provisions of COPRA are also compensatory in nature. The act clearly defines the activities and dealings that fall under it. Terms such as consumer, goods, service, consumer dispute, and unfair trade practice are described concisely to ensure clarity. The act also supports the formation of protection councils in every state. Consumer Education and Research Centre, Bureau of Indian Standard, Federation of Consumer Organisation in Tamil Nadu and Mumbai Grahak Panchayat are few consumer protection councils set up in various states in India.


Under this act, consumers are provided with the option of filing their complaints at the adequate forum for its quick redressal. However, any product given free of charge does not fall under this act.  According to this act, the basic rights of consumers are involve right to safety, right to be informed, right to choose, right to representation (or to be heard), right to seek redressal, and right to consumer education. In this case, the consumer also has certain responsibilities that they are required to fulfil from their side. Firstly, the consumer is to provide adequate information about his requirements and expectations from the seller. Exercising caution in purchasing is the second responsibility of a consumer. Consumers are also expected to insist on a cash memo or a receipt during their transactions. Filing complaints against genuine grievances is both a right and a duty of the consumer. A consumer is also expected to be quality conscious and conduct his/her purchases without any compromise on the quality of the product.


Current Problems in Consumer Behaviour 

The issues related to consumer behaviour today are deeply connected to the technological age that we live in. As a result of rapid changes in technology, consumers are constantly bombarded with information from different sources about new and existing products in the market. They are spoilt for choice, as there plenty of options to choose from with regard to any product. However, as with any era, there are a range of problems regarding consumer behaviour that sellers have to tackle.

The first challenge concerning consumer behaviour is thus related to the flood of information that a consumer receives on a daily basis. It is important for sellers to somehow get past extremely large amounts of information to convey their message to a potential customer. Thus, there is a need to study individual consumer behaviour in order to make sure that the right kind of tactics are used to market the product to consumers in a way that they bring in sales.

Personalization is another challenge that the market is facing today. Each consumer wants the product that they use to be unique and to fulfill certain unique needs. Sellers thus need to be attentive to these needs to design their product in a way that it appeals to a large population but in a personally specific way. Consumers today value the connections that they hold with their materialistic possessions, and thus its essential for the product to establish a relationship with the consumer which can only be done through effective marketing.



Another challenge concerning this field is the level of saturation potential consumers are at today. Sellers are having to come up with innovative and persuasive tactics each day to sell their products since most consumers have seen their share of marketing strategies and are now unfazed by them. The message conveyed by the brand has to strike a chord with potential consumers, and at the same time, be rational and logical enough to convince the consumer to buy the product. It is imperative for sellers to now use as many mediums of publicity as possible, including but not limited to social media.


Lastly, an emerging issue within the realm of consumer behaviour is that of sustainable consumption. Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the consequences of their purchases on the environment, and are actively seeking out sustainable products for use. However, the lack of sustainable options leaves consumers with no choice but to turn to products that they know are harming the environment, but they are helpless owing to a lack of choice. This leaves them in a state of dissonance psychologically, directly affecting their satisfaction with the products they currently use.


What Are The Roles of a Consumer Forum?

A consumer form is widely regarded as a great invention and a platform to address issues. These forums typically function for the customer, ensuring that their life is as smooth as always. So if your someone who is not aware of a consumer forum even in the 21st century. Then read this space to update yourself.

Spread Awareness

One of the most important roles which a consumer forum plays in our day to day lives is that they spread awareness and inform consumers about their various rights available at their disposal. This is a crucial step to see to it that consumers are not subject to any exploitation from the hands of a manufacturer or seller. These rights were designed to keep consumers safe and avail maximum satisfaction when it comes to dealing with goods and services. Consumer forums inform consumers about these rights through various platforms such as visual advertising, print media, etc. Once consumers are aware of these rights, it helps them to stand for themselves during any adverse encounters with a seller or manufacturer.

Adresse Consumer Problems

As consumers face problems from sellers, consumer forum comes to their rescue by providing them a platform to address their concerns and issues and thereby help to seek a solution to all these problems. If these issues go unheard, then it can lead up to years of exploitation or torture which no consumer should go through. Hence the forum provides help in the form of the court of law, which recognizes and fights for consumer rights.

busy consumers

Suing on behalf of Consumers

Consumer forums come in on behalf of consumers by suing companies which they believe have done a certain kind of mistake or have not treated a particular consumer in the right manner. An individual consumer might not have sufficient financial resources or means to go after a huge corporation or an, and hence these forums do the job on your behalf once they’ve understood that a specific issue needs to be raised.


Test of Authenticity

Consumer forums provide help to consumers by informing them about the quality of certain products and services available in the market. These tests are conducted to give consumers a path which they must take to utilize hygienic and safe products to not get adverse health effects which can harm people.

Builds Association

Consumer forums not only help consumers but also provides support for their association so that it can be visible and available in all regions and places around the country for the help and protection of consumers. The more numbers the organization grows, the safer the consumer against all the odds.